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Lessons From The Heart


   When ambitious reporter David Carlson was assigned a story on her fledgling literacy center, Erin Kelly was nearly swept off her feet by his keen intelligence and incisive remarks. But the story uncovered agonizing memories Erin thought long buried and feelings she struggled to hide.


    Then a deadly shooting placed David's life in danger, and everything changed. While Erin's courage and spirit rocked David's natural cynicism to its core, they each needed to overcome the past if they were to have a future together. Teaching David to open his heart to God's love just might be Erin's most important lesson yet.

Hosea's Bride

Though her sins were like scarlet . . .

Forced into prostitution by her stepfather, Angela Warren found salvation one terrifying night in Crossroads Church. The words of a handsome visiting preacher and the strength she found in the Lord led her to a new life in Harmony, Colorado.

Could she wear a white veil?

But Angela's hard-won happiness was threatened when her church appointed a new pastor, Hosea Stevens -- the very preacher who'd saved her years ago. Angela tried to avoid him, lest he recognize her, but Hosea persisted in knowing her better. Panicked by his romantic interest -- and her own feelings -- Angela fled, but Hosea pursued her. Could he bring her back to his church . . .as his bride?

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Click on the book to read an exerpt